For every sad statistic involving someone who wasn’t able to escape an abusive situation, there’s also a success story that ends in triumph rather than tragedy. Those are the endings we strive to help write. Here are a few of SafeHome’s Stories of Hope.


Tina and her two children came to our shelter after calling our crisis line. She had suffered severe sexual and physical abuse and her husband trying to run her over with his car was the last straw.

While in our shelter Tina slowly found confidence through support groups and Life Skills classes. She took parenting classes and enjoyed the yoga classes that were offered every week. To keep her safe after leaving our shelter, we assisted her with a temporary protective order and a divorce. She soon found full time employment, empowering her and getting her closer to self-sufficiency.

Her shattered world became whole again once she was offered transitional housing.



I was 17 and was on summer vacation in Virginia Beach whenI ran into him. He was 19 and he was just my type… or so I thought. It was only a few weeks after we started dating that he became very jealous. But after only a few months of dating, he told me he loved me and I reciprocated. I thought that his jealousy was a sign of affection.

We moved to Augusta, back to my mother’s house and he ended up living with us so we promised my mother that we would both find jobs and get an apartment. That never happened. He never held a job longer than a month over the course of our 3 year relationship. I wasn’t really allowed to drive my own car, go anywhere for extended periods of time or have any friends that he didn’t know about. His rage was uncontrolled and random at times. Sometimes, he would get angry enough to put his forehead on mine and yell in my face while I was backed into a corner. Finally when I started standing up for myself, he became violent…

He began throwing things around me and at me. Plastic storage bins were tossed around. Shoes and clothes were thrown at me. He continued to criticize me for everything. Food wasn’t cooked well enough. Christmas gifts were too cheap for him. I kicked him out a few times, but his love confessions always changed my mind. Our relationship continued even after he moved to Chattanooga.

Even without him around, I found it hard to do many things without feeling like he was hiding around the next corner. Finally, I was ready to let him go…

I felt the world lift off of my shoulders. I was finally free. After three years, after he cheated on me and had a baby, forced me into an abortion – all the abuse – I am a survivor. I hope that by sharing my story, I save another woman’s life, to give her the strength to leave.

I have been out of that relationship for more than 4 years. I have healthy friendships with men and women.

I’m working on a double major in Sociology and Communications at Augusta State University and plan to do youth development and public speaking when I graduate. I hope to work with teens, particularly young women, and help them raise their personal standards to reach higher than they imagined themselves reaching.